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Miami is emerging as a capital of the new, 21st century world.

A generational shift in focus is underway, away from pre-internet, 20th century realities.

Change is inevitable. For the purposes of one's lifetime, it is imperative to align yourself with the flow of prosperity.

Join me the best deals in Miami, take exclusive looks at new construction and meet the people driving the growth we see. You can also work with me directly to purchase your Miami property.

- Ana Bozovic, Founder of Analytics Miami

Karen Asprea

Miami is emerging as a 21st century capital.
Join me as I interview the visionaries fueling the ascension.

Interview: July 25, 2023

Karen Asprea is a fascinating and unique woman, and she is introducing a new standard of design to South Florida. This is a far reaching discussion where we touch upon her background, her business expansion, how Miami inspires her to create and her thoughts on the future.  Karen is one of the most inspiring women I know, and it was an honor to interview her. I learned a great deal from this interview and I hope my viewers enjoy. 

New Construction Recommendation:
Five Park in Miami Beach

Ana Bozovic interviewed Russell Galbut, legendary developer and founder of Crescent Heights. They discussed Russell's vision for Five Park and he shared valuable insights on success and life.

2023 Q1: Miami Dade Real Estate Report

Median Pricing Plateauing, cash high
Median condo pricing finished Q1 2023 flat year-over-year. You can see the plateau forming in the chart. The usage of cash edged higher to 70% over $1M and at 52% sub $1M. The very highest segments of the market have once again proved most resilient as the wealth & talent migration continues.

Inventory & Volume Below $1M
Inventory below $1M dropped to 62% below pre Covid realities. If we drill down further, inventory below $200K has dropped a shocking 87% since 2019 (page 6). Interest rates add friction, but the combo of low inventory and 50% cash usage sub $1M provides a floor.

New Construction Site Visit:
Five Park in Miami Beach

Ana Bozovic and developer Russell Galbut visit the Five Park construction site in Miami Beach. The Five Park Construction Site tour was conducted in April, 2023.

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